see your futureClients are sometimes hesitant to disclose the intimate details of their lives including issues of a very personal nature such as sexual performance, preference, desires and fidelity or infidelity. Please remember I'm not here to judge you, your lifestyle or your partner. My goal is to develop a long term relationship with my clients. Respect and confidentiality are not only the best practice, but essential for building open communication and trust.

Tarot cards accuracy:
I believe this is the best addressed by unsolicited comment and encourage you to read my feedback please if your hoping for just puff and fluff all good news, joy and cheer, that's not what I offer. I'm an ethical reader and my delivery is always caring and honest. I will never pad or change the cards or what I see because the news is disappointing .You have engaged my services to seek truth and find answers for you and I will always try and do just that.

Sophia Knight A great tarot card reading doesn't just forecast results; it explores the heart of the matter. My specialty is returning lost loved ones together.

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