place of businessMy name is Sophia Knight. I'm a highly skilled psychic and tarot card reader. I've been giving professional readings since the mid-70s. I have read and continue to read for housewives, truck drivers, artists, actors, celebrities, professionals, babysitters, from all walks of life. I've been hired for parties (serious and not so serious kind.)

I've spoken on radio and live TV, talked in seminars around the world, and advertized in newspapers and magazines in the States and out of the country including Globe, Inquire, OK magazine, Star and People.

I'm licensed for out door events and have everything for a professional set up. I do house parties, corporate events, birthday parties and tea parties.

If you knew what tomorrow would bring, what might you do differently today?
Need answers to these questions?
Need to know answers to what really happened for a love one to just wake up and walk away?
Do you have communication or commitment issues?
Recently separated from someone you love?

I don't believe in chance. You're here for a reason today, so let me welcome and assure you, you're right where you should be. My psychic and tarot cards will give you insight to your emotional goals, unknown influences current conflict, insight/secrets, primary issues and psychological goals.

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Psychic Reading By Sophia Knight 

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